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Published 04/01/2024 by Rane

You've recorded and edited your audio and you've picked an engaging title for your episode. What's next? The dreaded show notes.
Podcast show notes are a pivotal element in captivating and retaining a dedicated audience. They are written summaries or transcripts that accompany each podcast episode, providing listeners with a quick glimpse of the episode's content. They are also a great place to set the tone and show some personality! Their importance can't be overstated - they are not just a guide for listeners but also a critical tool for enhancing search engine optimisation (SEO), making your podcast more discoverable to potential new listeners.

However, creating engaging and SEO-friendly show notes can be a daunting task, especially if you're not the most prolific or naturally talented writer (I am definitely not). SoundMadeSeen can help out here, offering a magical solution that might just revolutionise the way you create your show notes. SoundMadeSeen enables you to effortlessly generate engaging show notes, ensuring that each episode not only reaches its intended audience but also stands out. By streamlining this process, SoundMadeSeen enabled you to focus more on your content and less on the intricacies of SEO and audience engagement strategies.

OK, that's enough of the hard sell for now, let's learn a bit more about the role of show notes.

The Role of Show Notes in Podcasting

As a new or even more experienced podcaster, grasping the essence of show notes is super important. These notes act as more than just a summary; they offer a sneak peek into each episode, providing context and setting expectations. Think of them as your episode's introduction, your chance to hook listeners with a glimpse of what's to come.

Show notes play a critical role in both retaining your current audience and attracting new listeners. They're like a compelling movie trailer for your podcast episode: enticing, informative, and reflective of the episode's content. For someone looking to expand their listener base, well-crafted show notes can turn a casual listener into a dedicated follower.

Beyond listener engagement, show notes are a powerhouse for podcast SEO. Search engines can't process audio, but they excel at indexing text. By integrating keywords related to your podcast's theme you can boost your podcast's visibility. This is essential for making your show more discoverable to potential new listeners who are searching for content in your niche.

Mastering the art of show notes isn't just about crafting summaries; it's about using them strategically for audience growth and enhanced discoverability.

Challenges in Creating Engaging Show Notes

Crafting engaging show notes is an art that poses its own set of challenges, even for the most seasoned podcasters. One of the primary hurdles is the time constraint. Podcasting, by its nature, is a time-intensive endeavour – from planning and recording to editing and promoting. Adding the task of writing detailed, entertaining show notes can often feel overwhelming, especially for podcasters who juggle multiple roles or produce content frequently.

Another significant challenge is the need for creativity in show notes. It’s not just about summarising the episode; it's about creating an engaging, SEO-friendly piece that resonates with both current and potential listeners. This requires a blend of creative writing, marketing savvy, and a good grasp of SEO best practices – a mix that doesn’t always come naturally to everyone.

Under time pressure, podcasters might resort to creating basic, uninspired summaries that fail to capture the essence of the episode or engage the audience (I know I have). Similarly, a lack of creativity or SEO knowledge can lead to notes that do little to boost discoverability or listener interest (Also guilty).

In a world with hundreds of thousands of podcasts competing for people's time, lacklustre show notes can mean missed opportunities for growth and engagement. That's why finding efficient and innovative solutions to these challenges is crucial for podcasters aiming to maximize their impact and reach in the podcasting landscape.

How to write show notes with SoundMadeSeen

Writing show notes with SoundMadeSeen is super easy and ridiculously fun!

Firstly, you'll want to create an account on SoundMadeSeen.

Next, upload some audio and transcribe then analyse it (we've covered that in this article).

Once your audio has been transcribed and analysed, you'll see a new Create Content tab.

Clicking on Create Content will display the following form:

An image showing the "Create Content" form

Select "Show Notes" from the Content type drop-down, and choose what tone you would like to use (there are literally too many to list here). For best results, select "Several paragraphs" from the Content length drop-down.

Just what we've entered so far should generate something useful, but we can tailor things even more - just make sure the entire form is showing by clicking on the Show more options button.

Under the Keywords input you can enter a comma separated list of SEO keywords you want to include in your show notes.

You can also add a Call to action, for example "Visit to learn more.", which will be appended to the end of your show notes.

You can also add some details about your Intended audience - for example, if your podcast is about yoga, you might want to add "yoga and meditation teachers", or if the podcast is about social media: "social media professionals, content marketers" and so on.

If you have any Additional notes you would like to add, fill them into the appropriate text box. You may wish to add something like "Write in the first person", or give it some notes on your particular voice.

Finally, click the big blue Generate Content button! It will take a few seconds to get started, but you'll have some fresh new show notes in no time at all. Feel free to tweak and experiment! Full disclosure, the "Humorous" tone can verge on a little inappropriate, but it's definitely fun!

Once you've generated your content, use the "Copy HTML to clipboard" or "Copy text to clipboard" buttons to copy the text in the appropriate format. Generated content will also show from the Text library listing in the sidebar navigation.

Feel free to edit, and give your own polish. It might take a little bit of extra work, but it's so much easier than starting with a blank page - I swear!


As we've just learned, the creation of engaging and effective show notes is as crucial as the podcast content itself. These notes not only serve as a guide for listeners but also play a pivotal role in enhancing your podcast’s visibility and reach. While podcasters face challenges like time constraints and the need for creativity, understanding and addressing these issues is key to crafting show notes that resonate with the audience and amplify the podcast's presence in the digital space.

As we've explored, solutions like SoundMadeSeen are transforming the landscape, making it easier and more efficient for podcasters to produce compelling, SEO-optimized show notes. By leveraging AI tools, podcasters can overcome common obstacles, ensuring their show notes are not just an afterthought but a powerful extension of their podcast's voice and brand.

In summary, well-crafted show notes are an invaluable asset in the podcasting journey. They not only enrich the listener experience but also significantly contribute to a podcast's growth and success in an increasingly competitive market.

So why not turn a fairly tedious job into something that's incredibly fun and easy? I can honestly say I've never had so much fun building and testing a new feature as I have with this one.

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