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Analyse your audio

Easily transcribe and analyse your audio content. Get suggestions on the best quotes to make videos from, create show notes, blog posts and more.

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Create your own designs

Make designs from scratch, or choose from a range of templates. Add text, images, shapes, progress bars and subtitles using our custom editor.

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Generate beautiful images with AI

Unleash your creativity by using our built in AI image generator. Use one of our randomly selected prompts if you're looking for inspiration!

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Effortless Audio-to-Video Conversion

SoundMadeSeen makes it a breeze to convert your podcast episodes, music tracks, or narrations into visually captivating videos and turns your audio content into engaging visual experiences without any technical hassle.

Intelligent Audio Analysis

Our AI tools automatically identifies and extracts the timecoded snippets that best reflect the themes and topics of your audio recordings. Save valuable time and let the AI do the heavy lifting for you.

Text to speech

Use our text to speech feature to add a voiceover to your video. Choose from a range of voices and accents to suit your content. Instant narration at your fingertips!

Full Transcription Capabilities

Obtain accurate and time-stamped transcriptions of your audio content, allowing you to review, edit, and refine your material with ease. Enrich your videos with on-screen text or subtitles for greater accessibility and engagement.

One-click content creation

Generate your podcast show notes, social media posts and blogs with our fun and simple interface. Our AI tools will automatically generate text tailored to your audience, based on your audio content, saving you hours!

Simple Video Editor

Bring your audio to life with captivating visuals using our easy-to-use video editor. Add images, text overlays, progress bars, and stunning visualizers to elevate your content. No prior video editing experience required!

Styles that fit your brand

Turn your podcast, audiobook or talk into sharable video and text content

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