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Add Image slideshow to videos

Include the ability to include a series of images timed with audio in generated videos.

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Advanced analytics tracking on video view page

Track video views, view time, drop off points for video views on the public view page and in embeds and display this in user's video page.

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Allow videos to be created and exported via an API

Will require a way of importing audio and exporting video, potentially somewhere like dropbox. Potentially add Zapier integration.

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Bulk file upload and queue video generation

Make it possible to upload multiple audio files and have them process in the background. Also make it possible to queue video processes so users can bulk generate videos.

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Allowing CNAME and white labelling of the video landing page.

This means that people could easily display videos on their own websites.

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Enable teams or organisations so users can share assets/designs and videos.

Some people work with virtual assistants or in large organisations, so this would be useful for them.

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Advanced transcript formatting options

Ability to break lines for different speakers and to be able to add spacing. The ability to add formatting - bold, italics etc, and the ability to add free form text for sound effects or action notes

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Add a simple timeline editor and the ability to create intro and outro cards

We might want to have transitions between the elements of the timeline. Please note that this is a fairly large task and might take some time to implement, but is something We are definitely keen to move towards.

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Enable AI generated background videos.

Generate background videos using AI - potentially generate the prompts for these based on the user's audio content and synchronise the video with audio.

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In progress

Add more visualisers and support multicoloured visualisers and gradients!

Add more visualisers and progress bars! Possibility of enabling gradients and multicoloured items. Add the ability to "tune" the behaviour of visualisers slightly ie speed and movement. This will be an ongoing task with many incremental improvements, so it will probably stay under "In progress" for some time

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Enable the reuse of designs in different aspect ratios

It would be great to be able to reuse the same design at different aspect ratios. A few things need to be worked out though, like what happens with a background image that is a different size. Are items moved to the center etc?

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Allow embedding of videos in an external website

Embed videos in an iframe and share the html code on the video page so that users can embed the video into their own websites.

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Allow uploaded videos to be used in generated videos

It should be possible to use the uploaded video as the background for a video generated by SoundMadeSeen

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Allow users to upload their own transcription files

These files will need to be in vtt or srt format rather than plain text so we can extract timecodes.

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Allow the uploading of arbitrary background videos

Enable users to upload videos that can be displayed as the background of their generated videos.

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Remove filler words and pauses

Remove all annoying filler words - ums and ahs etc

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Control width of subtitles

Phrased subtitles should be able to have their width set in the UI

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Enable the addition of background music.

We may want to be able to adjust the volume of the background music, and users will need to acknowledge that they have legal rights to use the music

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Enable Uploading of Custom Fonts

This would enable people to use their custom fonts in subtitles and text within their videos

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Make background videos available in more colours

Update the UI so it supports selecting a type of video, then drilling down into the colour scheme.

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Allow uploading of animated gifs

Once in a video these will loop indefinitely

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