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How do I make a video?

It's so easy, just upload your audio, select a clip, choose a design, and you're ready to go! Here is a blog post about it!

What size images can I use?

We don't currently limit the size of image you use, though the larger the image is, the slower it might take to load. You can shrink the file size of your image here: https://tinypng.com/.

Are subscriptions billed monthly or annually?

We provide both monthly and annual versions of our plans. For more details, take a look at our pricing page

Can I import my own fonts?

Yes you can! We now support uploading your own custom fonts from the "My Assets" page. Please note that we don't support color fonts or variable fonts at this time.

How long can my videos be?

While you can load very long audio into SoundMadeSeen to clip from, the longest video you can generate is generally around 2 hours.

The longer a video is, the higher the chance it may fail to render. If a video fails to render, that time will not count against your account and you can try again.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your at any time via your accounts page. Cancellations won't take effect until the end of your current period however.

Can I transcribe my audio?

Yes you can! For users on one of our paid plans you can automatically transcribe full length audio files and your extracted clips. For users on a free plan you can just transcribe from your extracted audio clips, and there is a limit of 30 transcription minutes per month.

How are video minutes calculated?

We round down to the nearest minute, to a minimum of 1 minute. If a video is less than one minute, it will contribute 1 minute to your monthly total.

Can I add videos via the design editor?

SoundMadeSeen supports uploading videos for audio extraction only and not via the editor at this time, but we do have preset animated videos that loop in the background. Give it a try!

Can I add my own images via the design editor?

Yes you can! We also support generating your own images via a prompt, using stable diffusion.

What's the difference between background images generated on free plans to images generated on paid plans?

Nothing! We use Stable Diffusion to generate background images for all plans. We currently use the most recent Stable Diffusion XL v1.0 engine

Can I use animated GIFs in my designs?

Yes you can! Currently the design editor will only display the first frame of an animated image, but once a video has been generated, the gif will loop for the duration of the video. We also support animated webp or png files.

What browser should I use?

Any recent browser should be fine, but the best results will be on Chrome. We strive to make our pages as responsive as possible, but you'll find things are a bit easier on desktop devices

Can I add captions to my videos?

Yes you can! We can transcribe your audio, and that transcription will be used in the final video. We even give you a last chance to edit the transcription before you generate your clip. Our design editor also gives you many options on how to format your captions, including font, font size and colour and even where it sit's on the screen!

Will my videos have a SoundMadeSeen watermark?

If you generate a video in one of our free plans, we insert a SoundMadeSeen logo in the bottom right corner. This is not done on a paid plan. However, some of our template designs contain a SoundMadeSeen logo which cannot be removed.

Can I download my videos?

Yes you can - in the Video view page there is a link to download your video.

Can I upload videos?

Yes you can, but we currently only support extracting audio from video files. Reach out to us if you think uploading videos would be a useful feature.

What do the Text-to-speech voices sound like?

To hear the voices available, head over to Openai's website. Please be aware that due to Openai's usage policy, you must disclose the use of AI voices.

What languages do you support for transcriptions?

We use currently use Assembly AI for our transcriptions, and we support all of the languages listed on their website

I can't change the order of some objects in the design editor - what's going on?

The design editor has rules around what order objects may be placed. They are as follows (from back to front)

  1. Background Colour or Background Video
  2. User Uploaded Video
  3. Images
  4. Shapes, Subtitles and Text
  5. Waveforms and Progress Bars

I can't log in / nothing on the site seems to be working!

Please check that your firewall or antivirus security software such as Malwarebytes hasn't incorrectly flagged the domains soundmadeseen.com or api.soundmadeseen.com and blocked them.
If so, manually add them to your domain whitelist.


Can I get a refund?

Once you have paid for SoundMadeSeen’s services, there are no monetary refunds.

We also make it clear at purchase and in receipts that SoundMadeSeen is a subscription monthly or annually. For annual plans, we notify you over email prior to your annual renewal so you have plenty of time to cancel if you do not want to continue your service.

How do I find receipts and invoices?

You can find all of your receipts and invoices under the Billing tab in your account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your paid subscription from your Accounts page on the Plans tab. Please note that your subscription will expire at the end of your current billing period and no refund will be given on time remaining.

How do credits and credit packages work?

Credits are a way you can purchase transcription time, video time, image requests, text-to-speech characters or content tokens.

Credits are a single use purchase which will be added to your monthly allowances. eg, if you have 10 video minutes remaining for the month and you purchase 100 video minutes, you will have 110 video minutes remaining.

If you purchase credits, but still have monthly allowance minutes remaining, the monthly allowance minutes will be used before any purchased credits.
Credits are non-refundable, but do not expire (unless SoundMadeSeen is discontinued, which we would be extremely sad about).

The easiest way to purchase tokens is by going to your Account Usage page and clicking on the relevant "Buy Credits" link.

Once you have purchased credits, it may take a few minutes for them to appear on your account.

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