5 AI YouTube Short Generators in 2024: Our Best Picks


Published 7/7/2024 by Babalola Alabi

In 2023, more than 2 billion people watched YouTube Shorts all over the world. The number increased in 2024 with more people hopping on the platform to watch their favourite content creators. That’s obviously because of its quick bite-sized content format that captivates viewers immediately.

As a result, content creators like you need to leverage the right tools to create the best YouTube Shorts for your audience which is why this piece is written for you. In this article, we’ll discuss our best picks from the broad list of AI YouTube Shorts generators and give you everything you need to know about them.

5 Tips for Creating Engaging YouTube Shorts with AI

Before diving into the tools and talking about them, let’s discuss five tips to follow to create engaging YouTube Shorts with AI.

1. Pick a tool

First, pick an AI tool that suits your video production and editing well.

2. Start with a strong concept.

The most effective way to attract more audience is by grabbing their attention. And you can only do that if you know and have an idea of what you want. Define your brand theme and concept before giving instructions to AI to create ideas for you.

3. Remember; you’re the artist, AI is the brush

Accept suggestions from AI wisely. Make sure the suggestions align with your concept and brand theme perfectly.

4. Optimize your content for easy consumption

Create your content in several formats to ensure your audience can access the information you’re presenting to them in different ways. For example, you can add captions and subtitles to your video for people who are not in the most conducive place to listen to the audio.

5. Edit your work

Do a final check on your work before tapping the “export” or “publish” button.

5 AI YouTube Shorts Generators


The iconic SoundMadeSeen homepage

Straight to the AI tools, the first on our list is SoundMadeSeen.

If you’re seeking an AI tool that does more than create YouTube Shorts and generate great content within minutes, then you should choose SoundMadeSeen.

SoundMadeSeen is an amazing tool that transforms your long videos into engaging visual stories for your YouTube Shorts, TikTok content, and Instagram reels. It is also an amazing tool for audio podcasters and musicians as it helps convert their audio tracks into appealing videos.

SoundMadeSeen offers a variety of templates and customisation options that allow you to add a personal touch to your videos which can also elevate your storytelling potential.

Pros and unique features

  • A $0 free plan that lasts forever.
  • AI-powered audio to video conversion.
  • Easy YouTube Shorts creation.
  • Simple video editing interface.
  • Precise audio analysis for generating subtitles automatically.
  • Customisation options to suit your brand content.
  • AI technology that creates written contents like captions, blog posts and show notes from your video and audio.
  • Assured guarantee of saved projects.
  • Numerous templates and an AI-driven image maker.


  • SoundMadeSeen is only accessible on a browser.
No credit card required

Wavve homepage is another AI tool that can be used to generate YouTube Shorts. Like SoundMadeSeen, it can also convert your audio into video files and clips easily.

Pros and features

  • Simple work interface.
  • Great layout for a beginner.
  • Numerous templates and artworks for use.
  • Wavve link features for your audience.


  • The tool does not allow total customisation.
  • Wavve displays its brand watermark at the bottom of your video.
  • The tool could be laggy while using it.
  • It is only available on browsers


Headliner homepage

With Headliner, you can leverage AI to pinpoint the engaging parts of your videos or podcasts and transform them into YouTube Shorts. You can also access several features that allow you to edit the videos you want. However, Headliner only creates YouTube Shorts from audio podcasts, no option for videos.

Pros and features

  • Great templates to use.
  • Good autotranscription.
  • Easy to use.
  • Contains the necessary features needed for editing.
  • It has an app for Android and iPhone users.


  • Complaints from users saying it doesn’t work on Safari browser sometimes.
  • Takes time to load while editing captions.
  • It only converts audio to video and Shorts and cannot create YouTube Shorts from a long video.


Capcut Homepage

CapCut is another tool that you can use to create YouTube Shorts. Since its creation by ByteDance (the parent company of TikTok), it has been widely used among content creators. It is mostly known for its ability to share videos to TikTok accounts directly without issues.

Pros and features

  • It has some great copyrighted songs you can use.
  • Most basic features are free to use.
  • It is available on browsers, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


  • A CapCut watermark is added to your video at the end after creating it.
  • It has a steep learning curve.
  • Adding texts and transcriptions is not automatic.
  • Frame rate cannot be higher than 60 FPS.


Submagic Homepage

Submagic is an AI tool that is well known for transcribing videos and creating trendy and attractive captions and transcriptions. It has a great design interface and is a great tool for creating captivating YouTube Shorts. However, despite its popularity and work, there have been a few complaints about the tool.

Pros and features

  • It has an array of trendy text options you can pick from to add to your content depending on the brand style.
  • Submagic generates automatic transcriptions.
  • It offers its services in about 48 different languages.


  • Compared to the previous Shorts makers we’ve talked about, Submagic is more expensive.
  • Bad and unprofessional customer service according to users on Product Hunt.
  • Issues with glitches and lags.


AI YouTube Shorts generators like SoundMadeseen have pushed the boundaries of creativity and engagement in content creation for your audience. It’s more than just streamlining your content process, rather it involves crafting great videos quicker than ever. And it’s easier to seize the spotlight if your videos are created appropriately.

Pick a tool today and start the YouTube content creation game. It’s going to be worth it!

Happy creation!!!!

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