A comprehensive list of video tutorials for SoundMadeSeen!


Published 4/3/2024 by Rane

SoundMadeSeen is an incredibly feature rich tool, so we've put together a short list of video tutorials. We'll keep adding to this list, so you'll want to bookmark this page and check in every once in a while!

It's Super Easy to Make a Video in SoundMadeSeen!

Learn the basics, from uploading your audio and selecting a design, to making a video!

How to Use AI Images in your SoundMadeSeen designs

How to use our powerful AI tools to create images for your SoundMadeSeen designs.

Transcription and Analysis tools

How to transcribe your audio and use our analysis tools to get tips about your best content!

Text to Speech to Video

How to use SoundMadeSeen's text to speech features in your video creation process.

How to use your videos in SoundMadeSeen

How you can use your own video clips in SoundMadeSeen and incorporate the video into your own designs.

Design Editor Deep Dive

A deep dive into all of the features in SoundMadeSeen's design editor. Spoiler warning - there are lots of features!

Six ways to select your audio

A short tutorial of the six different ways you can select audio content to use in your SoundMadeSeen videos. Yes six!

Happy watching!

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